Are you looking for Age-Verification for vending machines?

Biometric ID checks at the machine. Get Age Verification for age-restricted products on a state-of-the-art vending machine from The Discount Vending Store.

We Understand the Issues

Fast, reliable, and easy to use age and ID verification is hard to find. The AV3000 solves all the common issues:

  • Plug-and-play for most machine brands
  • MDB Lvl. 3 compatible
  • No apps to download
  • No customer onboarding or account creation required
  • Private: no identity data is stored
  • Easily connects to relaible, private mobile-data hotspots provided with the unit. (*a nominal monthly fee is charged by a third-party data provider).

The customer simply scans their face and ID and the entire process takes less than a minute. Selling age-restricted products with a vending machine has never been safer and easier.

CBD Vista Vending

The Identivend AV3000 is easy to use

With only 4 simple steps:



Customer Selects a Product



Customer will be prompted to scan their face



Customer the presents their ID for scanning and authentication



If the ID is autheticated and the 3D scan is matched to the ID, the AV3000 allows payment.

Fast, Reliable Age & ID Check

3D Scan & ID Authetication take less than 60 seconds for the entire process.

This simple solution allows you to sell your
age-restricted products across markets without
manually checking identification. This
automation reduces your overhead and gets
your products to more customers.

CBD Vista Vending

Explore the profitable world of unattended retail for age-restricted products

Join the hundreds of retailers who have implemented age restrictions on their vending machines in order to protect their business and satisfy the law. Take your age-restricted sales to the next level with the Identivend AV3000.

CBD Vista Vending

Customer Privacy is Paramount

Verify your customer’s age without collecting their information or compromising their privacy


There are no PII databases to manage. The AV3000 stores no identity data once the verification is compete.


The AV3000 is compliant with international data privacy regulations including CCPA and GDPR.

Data Security

TLS Protocol and AES-256 encryption is used to communicate the AI Cloud servers and the AV3000.
CBD Vista Vending