About Identivend


Our Story

Identivend was founded in 2020 in order to satisfy the need for age restrictions on vending machines.  The sister company to Identivend is The Discount Vending Store which has is one of the largest custom vending distributers in the United States.  Discount Vending has been selling all types of custom vending machines since 2007 including CBD Vending machines.  It soon became apparent that in order to make age-restricted vending a reality in every market, that ID verification had to be fast, reliable, compliant, and plug-and-play for virtually all machines. 

 The AV2500 use biometrics and liveness verification to verify age and protect retailers.  We are able to seamlessly  check identities across 195 countries without any extra fees. Other age verification vending machines require fees to get access to databases for each state and may also require a human to give you access to the vending machine.

With the Identivend AV2500 installed on one of the DVS OMNI vending machines, no human is needed to verify identity and no extra fees are required for larger networks.  Our customers will pay a flat rate for each identity verification.